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SHANI Amavasya & SHANI JAYANTI Puja At Shani Shingnapur...! 12th June 2010

Dear Devotee

On the 12th of June 2010, all roads will lead to the Great Place of Lord Shani Dev, Shani Shingnapur, as it’s the Mahaparva of Shani Bhakti. Its The Shani Jayanti, the Birth Day Celebration Of Shani Dev on a SHANI Amavasya. It is "The Auspicious Muhurat" for worshipping Shani Dev at Shani Shingnapur, As after many years Shani Jayanti is falling on a Shani Amavasya Day..! Shani Puja on SHANI Amavasya & Shani Jayanti is The Best Puja to fulfil all your desires and get blessed by the Shani Dev..!

Bhakti Dhara, pleased to inform you that, we have arranged the services for the huge devotee base of lord Shani, where you can book a Puja of Shani Dev with us, and we will do the puja on your behalf, with your name, gotra, Desire or Sankalpa and dispatch the Prasad and other very important articles blessed by lord Shani to your place directly.

There are n numbers of Shani Devotees spread across the globe, and everybody can’t travel from distant places to Shingnapur for this special Puja. So just book the puja with us and get the blessings of Shani Dev at your Place...!

It is not advisable to Travel from the distant places to Shani Shingnapur, as the condition of the devotees is really bad, and you won’t be able to even reach the lords Idol on this Day. Hence to bridge the Gap between the deity and the devotee, Bhakti Dhara is working as a medium and your puja will be carried out by the Vedic ways by temple priests and you will get the Prasad at your place via express delivery.

Why should one do this Puja...!

Shani Transit is always a concern to the entire universe from the ancient times. Shani is a big planet and transits after 2 1/2 Years. So whenever Shani changes Rashi, there are major changes in the entire universe. So we humans are naturally a big hit by the motion. Guru is also making a Shadashtaka Yoga with Kanya Rashi Shani ..! This is the worst yoga between Shani and Guru and there is No control over Shani Dev...! Only the good thing is Shani Dev is transiting through a friendly Sign Kanya Ruled by Mercury or Budha. Hence Blessings are advisable for evrybody....!

For the Shani Transit effects on the 12 Rashi's please check my blog dilip-raut.blogspot.com . Shani Dev is a reformer, and a Judge, Complete surrender with deep faith is the only way to please him. It is said that nobody can disown the lord and the best way is to “ get suffered and get free”. To minimise the impact of ill effects and sufferings, it’s highly advised to offer the Laghu Rudra, Tail abhisheka and Sankalpa Puja at Shani Shingnapur, which is the only Swayambhu Place of Shani Dev.

Rashi’s under Sadhe Saati

1. Singha( Leo ) : These are in the Third or Last Phase of Sadhe Saati.

2. Kanya ( Virgo ) : These are in the Second or Mid Phase of Sadhe Saati.

3. Tula ( Libra ) : These are in the First or Initial Phase of Sadhe Saati.

Rashi’s under the 2 & ½ Years Panauti or Dhaiyya

1. Mithun (Gemini ) : 4th Shani Panauti

2. Kumbha (Aquarius ) : 8th Shani Panauti

Rashi’s having aspect of Shani from Kanya Rashi

1. Vrischik (Scorpio) : Third Drishti from Singha Raashi

2. Meena (Pisces) : Seventh Drishti from Singha Raashi

3. Mithun (Gemini) : Tenth Drishti from Singha Raashi

[People who have missed the Last Shani Amavasya or May 2009 Shani Jayanti can immediately book this Puja as its the only Muhurat to worship Shani Dev, and its "THE PUJA" to get Blessed By Shani Dev and good to safeguard yourself against all odds...!]

Puja Details:

Taila abhisheka of Til (Mustard) Oil

The Sankalp Puja to remove Shani ill effects of your Janma, Karma, Janma Kundali, Rashi Kundali, Navamansh Kundali, Health, wealth, Piece and Prosperity...!

Puja Articles :

Til oil 1.25 kg
Black cloth
Black Til and Salt
Shani Yantra
Navagraha Yantra
Shani Chalisa / Mahatmya
Hanuman Chalisa
Eatable Prasad of Kurmura
A yellow Shani Thread
Dakshina to the Priest

After the puja offerings the following material will be sent to your address as Prasad and blessings of the Shani Dev.

Shani Yantra
Shani Chalisa / Mahatmya
Hanuman Chalisa
Eatable Prasad of Kurmura
A yellow Shani Thread

Puja Charges: India : Rs. 3500/- only
Rest Of The World: USD$ 125/-

You can buy the Puja Online from our website.! Or You can deposit the amount for the puja, in our HDFC Bank A/C From anywhere in India by cheque/cash or transfer the money via direct internet transfer ( net banking ).

Details of Account

Account Name: Bhakti Dhara Foundation
Account Number: 01632000013054
Branch : HDFC Bank, Rupam Centre, Sion(east), Mumbai 400022

If you feel like speaking to us, pls call us on the following Numbers...!
91 22 32677433
91 9322890481

Hurry..! Limited Puja permitted on the Day of SHANI Amavasya & Shani Jayanti...! Do write us at info@bhaktidhara.com with your full name, age, gender, full address with pin code and gotra. If you don’t know your gotra, pls mention that in the mail with the cash/check deposit details with day, date and branch...!

May Lord Shani bless you and your family...!

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