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Guru Dattatreya MahaPuja and Annadan Seva on Dattatreya Jayanti 1st December 2009 at Ganagapur..!

Dear Devotees

1st December 2009, The universe will be bowing down to the Great Lord, The Supreme Master and the Adya GURU SHREE DATTATREYA, at the Holy Place of GANAGAPUR, KARNATAKA, INDIA, as its the Mahaparva of GURU BHAKTI AND UPASANA, THE Dattatreya Jayanti Celebration..!

Shree Guru Dattatreya is the Supreme Deity of All the Gods as Shree Guru Datta is the combination of The Brahma, The Vishnu and The Shiva..!

Bhakti Dhara is Proud to Share With you that we have arranged the Services of Shree Guru Dattatreya Mahapuja and Annadanam Seva, on Datta Jayanti at Ganagapur, for the Followers of Guru Dev Datta, across the Globe...! Just log into our site www.bhaktidhara.com and book the Puja Online, and we will offer your Puja to the Holy feet of Dattatreya and send you the Prasad anywhere in the world with express delivery...!


Keshar Lepan with Shringar and Puja of Shree Guru Paduka or the Holy Footwear of Shree Guru at 5:15 Hrs in the Morning..!

Rudra Abhisheka to the Aatma Linga of Shree Guru at 6:15 Hrs in the Morning..!

Madhukari Aarti at 12:00 hrs noon with Annadanam Seva

Pradakshina to the Dattatreya Temple and The Audumbar Tree at the Sangamam of River Bheema and Amarja..!

All this on your behalf, with your name, gothra and Sankalpa...!

You will be few of the lucky people to reach at the feet of Dattatreya and offer your Puja, on Datta Jayanti, in your absence at Ganagapur..!

You will receive the Keshar of The Paduka's, Chandan of the Puja, Photos of the Paduka, Bhasma of the Lord, Dattatreya Siddha Yantra, A Raksha Sutra, Eatable Prasad of Khadi Sakhar or Sugar..!

Why Should One Do Dattatreya Puja..!

Dattatreya is a very strong deity and very kind in Blessing devotees..! Whoever offers Puja, Abhishek to the Guru, sees the Miracles in a fortnight...! Also Dattatreya is the Presiding Deity for the Planet Guru, and to get the blessings of the Planet Guru, one needs to Please the Lord..! This is the only place of Dattatreya, where the Guru resided for 24 years and performed a Holy Yagya for the welfare of Mankind..!

By todays planetary positions the follwing Rashi or Moon Sign People Should do this Puja Vidhi..!

Guru is in Makar Rashi and the Motion towards Kumbha Rashi is on...!

Good For Makar, Karka, Vrishabh and Kanya Rashi Who are having 1st, 5th, 7th & 9th Drishti of Guru..!

Advisable for Tula, Mithun, kumbha Rashi who are having 4th, 8th & 12th Guru.

Also for people having Guru Mahadasha or Antardasha in their Horoscope..!

Puja Cost: India: Rs. 3500/-
Rest Of the World: USD$ 125/-

For Annadanam to extra People you can pay extra amount as Rs. 50/- per Anna Patra or per person..! You can feed to whatever number of people depending upon your devotion and capacity...!

You can buy the Puja from our website online or you can deposit the cash/check in our account of HDFC Bank from anywhere in India. You can pay us via net banking too..!

Here are our account details..!

Account Name: Bhakti Dhara Foundation
Account Number: 01632000013054
Account Type: Current Account
Bank: HDFC Bank, Cine Planet, Rupam Centre, Sion East, Mumbai 400022, Maharashtra, INDIA.
RTGS, NEFT, IFSC Code: HDFC0000163

All the Donations for Annadanam Seva will be tax exempted in INDIA. In Feb 2010, You will get the certificate for the Donation, which you can use to claim tax benefits.

Hurry, Donate with free hand and book puja for you and your near and dear ones....!

Send us your Name, Gothra, Sankalpa or wish with complete mailing address...!

May Guru Dattatreya Bless You and Your Family...!

|| Shree Guru Dev Datta ||

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