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2016 Graha Gochar or Planetary Transits of 2016

Many Wishes of New Year 2016 to all my readers, followers, astrology students, astrologers from across the globe....

Here are the Important Planetary Transits or Graha Gochar of 2016 for all your needs....The Transits are Monthwise and covers all important planetary movements....Pls feel free to use it for planning your Year in advance...

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Once Again Many Wishes for a Happy 2016 for all of you, May God Bless All....

January 2016 [As Per Mumbai Time (IST)]

9th - Rahu Enters Singha or Leo at 09:12 Hrs
9th - Ketu Enters Kumbha or Aquarius at 09:12 Hrs
14th - Budha Enters Dhanu at 14:59 Hrs
15th - Surya Enters Makar or Capricorn at 01:26 Hrs
19th - Shukra Enters Dhanu or Sagitarious at 06:20 Hrs

Budha Vakri or Retrograde - 6th / Budha Combust - 9th / Guru Vakri or Retrograde - 8th / Budha Rise - 20th / Budha Margi or Direct - 26th

Paurnima or Full Moon Day - 23rd January 2016 - Shani Vaar or Saturday - Mithun Rasi - Shakambhari Paurnima

Amavasya or New Moon / No Moon Day - 9th January 2016 - Shani Vaar or Saturday - Dhanu Rashi - SHANI AMAVASYA 

February 2016

9th - Budha Enters Makar at 03:09 Hrs
12th - Shukra Enters Makar or Capricorn at 14:49 Hrs
13th - Surya Enters Kumbha or Aquarius at 14:25 Hrs
20th - Mangal / Mars Enters Vrischik or Scorpio at 16:41 Hrs

Paurnima or Full Moon Day - 22nd February 2016 - Som Vaar or Monday - Magh Paurnima - Singha Rashi

Amavasya or New Moon / No Moon Day - 8th February 2016 - Som Vaar - SOMAVATI AMAVASYA - Makar Rashi

March 2016 

2nd - Budha Enters Kumbha at 00:11 Hrs
7th - Shukra Enters Kumbha or Aquarius at 21:05 Hrs
14th - Surya Enters Meena or Pisces Rashi at 11:17 Hrs
19th - Budha Enters Meena at 04:37 Hrs

Budha Asta 4th March / SHANI DEV OR SATURN VAKRI - 25th March 

Paurnima or Full Moon Day - 23rd March 2016 - Budh Vaar - Wednesday - Holi Paurnima - Kanya Rashi

Amavasya or New Moon / No Moon Day - 9th March 2016 - Wednesday - Darsha Amavasya - Kumbha Rashi

Will update the rest of the Months Transits in coming week or so.....

Again a Very Happy New Year to all....

My Blessings....

Shri Dilip Raut

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